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To contribute to the flow of insightful information & exchange of knowledge between Oromo communities around the world and the people of Oromia

Our Guiding Principles

Oromia 11 is a media that belongs to the Oromo people. We shall remain accountable to our people, protecting their interest and maintaining their trust throughout our programming.

Oromia 11 affirms its responsibility to tell Oromo stories unapologetically and fairly while maintaining accuracy, integrity and balance. We pledge to bring the best of Oromia to the world and the best of the world to Oromia.

Oromia 11 shall provide a wide range of high-quality content programming that is informative, educational and entertaining, supported by the best talent that we can find and develop, no matter where they are.

Oromia 11 strives to build a media organization that will reach our audience around the world, no matter where they are, or whatever tools and devices they use, we want to reach them all via digital television, radio, satellite and various digital platforms.

Oromia 11 strives to tell relevant stories, harsh or light, that are informative, educational and inspirational. We are committed to presenting stories that are based on facts and reflect human experiences in ways that uplifts and promotes dignity, upholds the agency, integrity and capabilities of persons and communities to survive & flourish.

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    oct. 9, 2021

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